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Community Concerts is the creator of The Fayetteville Music Hall of Fame. Now going into its eighth year, this program honors those who have brought musical distinction to this community.

2014 Inductees

82nd Airborne Division’s “All American” Chorus
“All The Way!”

size0-army.mil-77210-2010-06-16-120637From the U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division Chapel on Fort Bragg, these military voices were born 50 years ago and have evolved into the 82nd Airborne Division’s “All American” Chorus, an a cappella group of Paratroopers sought near and far for their vocal talent, and a gift treasured by this city. “I can attest firsthand that the 82nd Airborne Division’s ‘All American’ Chorus participation in Fayetteville’s 2001 and 2011 All-America City presentations in Atlanta and Kansas City played a key and significant role in this city’s selection for these municipal honors,” says George Breece, a member of the 2011 All-America City delegation led by Mayor Anthony G. Chavonne. “The chorus wowed the other nominee cities and had the judges on their feet clapping in awe when they marched in with our delegation.” From its renditions of “God Bless America”to “All American Soldier” to the “Star-Spangled Banner,” these proud Paratroopers honorably serve and represent all units within the 82nd Airborne Division. “The 82nd Airborne Division’s ‘All American’ Chorus members were a key part of our national recognition as a 2011 All-America City, not only because of their military service and their talented voices of song, but more importantly, because of their honest reflection of the deep and strong bond between Fort Bragg and this All-America city,” Chavonne says. “In celebration of its 50th year and most deserving induction into The Fayetteville Music Hall of Fame, I proudly join Mayor Nat Robertson in a salute to these men and women in uniform who serve gallantly in defense of our national freedom and are such a treasured part of our All-America City.” Enshrined on this date as the 18th inductee by the Community Concerts of Fayetteville Board of Directors.


2013 Inductees 2010 Inductees
Bob A. Haynes Milton Smith, Sharon Smith,
C. Wayne Ham Barbara and Otis Lambert
Raymond H. Codrington
Thomas Bickett Black 2009 Inductees
Barbara Ann Lawson, Bo Thorp
2012 Inductees
Wesley Pritchard, Betty K. Howie 2008 Inductees
Joy Cogswell, Lois Lambie, Betty Neill Parsons
2011 Inductees
Mildred Dexter-Rosell, Randy Boone

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