Music Hall of Fame

Giles Blakenship

Minister of  Worship
Snyder Memorial Baptist Church

Jane Weeks Gardiner

Classically Trained Pianist,
Musician & Performer
Snyder Memorial Baptist Church

Geron Gambill

Music Teacher, Performer
Snyder Memorial Baptist Church

Community Concerts is the creator of The Fayetteville Music Hall of Fame. Now going into its 14th year, this program honors those who have brought musical distinction to this community.

Past Honorees

2018 Buck Hodge, Bill Ayerbe
2017 Harlan Duenow, Cumberland Oratorio Singers, Alan Porter
2016 Fouad Fakhouri, Lynne Robertson O’Quinn, Doyle Wood
2015 Charlotte Blume, Laura Stevens, Malachi Sharpe
2014 82nd Airborne All-American Chorus
2013 Bob A. Haynes, C. Wayne Ham, Raymond H. Codrington, Thomas Bickett Black
2012 Wesley Pritchard, Betty K. Howie
2011 Mildred Dexter-Rosell, Randy Boone
2010 Milton Smith, Sharon McNair, Barbara & Otis Lambert
2009 Barbara Ann Lawson, Bo Thorp
2008 Joy Cogswell, Lois Lambie, Betty-Neill Parsons


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