Little River Band

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The group was founded in Australia in 1975. On their way to their first performance they realized they had yet to settle on a name. As fate would have it, they passed an exit for a town called Little River. It struck a chord and the Little River Band was born.

The rest is music history. Through the 70’s an 80’s, the Little River Band gave us multi-platinum hits like: “Reminiscing,” “Cool Change,” “Lonesome Loser,” “Take It Easy On Me, “Help Is On The Way,” “ It’s a Long Way There” and many more.

In 1982, the group set a record for having six consecutive years of Top 10 hits. In fact, they were the very first band to achieve this remarkable plateau. “Reminiscing” garnered rare status with over 5 million plays on American radio, and “Lady” another mega hit, was close behind with over 4 million plays.

Glenn Frey, of the Eagles, briefly played with the group in Australia in 1988 and dubbed the Little River Band, “the best singing band in the world.” The current members of the group take that accolade to heart each and every time they perform.

They include Wayne Nelson on bass, Chris Marion on keyboards, Bruce Wallace and Colin Whinnery on guitar and Ryan Ricks on drums.

Enjoy the show. Here comes the Little River Band!


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